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EelcoVisser.CombiningAspectOrientedAndStrategicProgrammingr1.2 - 17 Oct 2006 - 15:07 - EelcoVisser

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K. T. Kalleberg and E. Visser. Combining Aspect-Oriented and Strategic Programming. In H. Cirstea and N. Marti-Oliet, editors, Workshop on Rule-Based Programming (RULE'05), Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Nara, Japan, April 2005. Elsevier Science Publishers. (techrep)


Properties such as logging, persistence, debugging, tracing, distribution, performance monitoring and exception handling occur in most programming paradigms and are normally very difficult or even impossible to modularize with traditional modularization mechanisms because they are cross-cutting. Recently, aspect-oriented programming has enjoyed recognition as a practical solution for separating these concerns. In this paper we describe an extension to the Stratego term rewriting language for capturing such properties. We show our aspect language offers a concise, practical and adaptable solution for dealing with unanticipated algorithm extension for forward data-flow propagation and dynamic type checking of terms. We briefly discuss some of the challenges faced when designing and implementing an aspect extension for and in a rule-based term rewriting system.

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