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Daniele Romano

PhD Candidate
danieleromano.jpg Office: HB 08.080
Phone: +31 15 2786338
E-mail: Daniele.Romano (atDOMAIN) tudelft (dot) nl

Delft University of Technology
Department of Software Technology
Software Engineering Research Group
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft, The Netherlands

I am a PhD? candidate in the Software Engineering Research Group, Department of Software Technology of the Delft University of Technology. I am a student member of IEEE. My work is supervised by Martin Pinzger.

I work within the ReSOS Project in close collaboration with the Software Improvement Group (SIG) and KPMG CT Information Technology (KPMG CT IT). The ReSOS Project focuses on developing methodologies, techniques and strategies for re-engineering the design and implementation of service-oriented systems to: 1) to reduce the specificity and complexity of existing service-oriented systems; 2) to improve the reuse of services; and 3) to increase the maintainability of service-oriented systems.


  • May, 2012 --- Together with Martin Pinzger I got accepted the paper "Analyzing the Evolution of Web Services using Fine-Grained Changes" at ICWS '12.
  • December, 2011 --- Attended the SOCA conference in Irvine presenting the paper "Extracting Dynamic Dependencies between Web Services Using Vector Clocks".
  • September, 2011 --- Attended the ICSM conference in Williamsburg presenting the paper "Using Source Code Metrics to Predict Change-Prone Java Interfaces".
  • September, 2011 --- Attended the ECOWS conference in Lugano presenting the paper "Using Vector Clocks to Monitor Dependencies among Services at Runtime" @QASBA workshop.
  • June, 2011 --- in Montreal to attend the Canadian Summer School on Practical Analyses of Software Engineering Data (PASED).
  • June, 2011 --- Together with Martin Pinzger I got accepted the paper "Using Source Code Metrics to Predict Change-Prone Java Interfaces" at ICSM '11.
  • November, 2010 --- Together with Massimiliano Di Penta and Giuliano Antoniol, I got accepted the paper "An Approach for Search Based Testing of Null Pointer Exceptions" at ICST '11.
  • November, 2010 --- Started my research within the ReSOS Project.

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