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Acoda.Installationr1.6 - 25 Jan 2011 - 11:28 - SanderVermolen

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Installing Acoda

Acoda has an Eclipse plugin for agile development of webDSL applications and a stand alone backend for high-performance database migrations. Both can be installed independent of one another.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them on Acoda's issue tracker:

Installing Acoda's Eclipse plugin

To use Acoda in Eclipse for developing webDSL applications, you need a webDSL plugin, a Spoofax/IMP plugin and an Acoda editor:

  1. Install the webDSL plugin:
  2. Checkout the Acoda mmt editor in your workspace, from Subversion (for example using subclipse):
  3. Build the Acoda mmt editor from Eclipse (Project > Build Project).

Installing Acoda's back-end

Acoda's high-performance backend is C-based and currently only compiles on Linux or Unix-based operating systems.


Acoda's backend requires the following software:

Installing Acoda's backend using Nix

Pre-built Acoda packages are available for the Nix-package manager. To automatically stay up to date, you can install Acoda using its Nix channel:

   nix-channel --add
   nix-channel --update
   nix-env -i acoda

More details and other versions can be found here

Building Acoda's backend from source

Acoda is developed using a SubVersion repository. Check out the latest version of Acoda into the current directory using:

   svn co Acoda

Start the build process by changing to the Acoda directory and executing ant:

   cd Acoda && ant

Acoda has now been built in the Acoda/bin directory. To quickly get started using Acoda, visit the GettingStarted page.

-- SanderVermolen - 11 Feb 2010

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