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The NWO/EZ Jacquard Software Engineering Program has granted the following project:

Automated Runtime Testability of SOA Composites



Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) facilitate the integration of IT infrastructure into business processes of organizations, through assembling existing distributed software packages. They represent the foundation for building modern component-based and distributed ICT solutions out of existing service offerings for entire business processes of enterprises, and they permit a flexible and rapid adaptation of ICT infrastructures to the evolving requirements of modern organizations. Besides the challenges of service discovery, identification and procurement that become apparent when a SOA is built, there is another qualitative dimension that needs to be addressed. Through their dynamic nature, the correctness and dependability of SOA-ICT solutions cannot be validated through traditional development-time testing strategies. Instead, the research put forward in this proposal aims at developing model-based built-in testing strategies for SOA that can be executed when a SOA-based system is assembled and deployed, during runtime. In particular, this project aims at devising testability artifacts that facilitate service deployment during runtime, and, eventually, provide a fully automatic runtime service assessment. It does this through additional query and testing interfaces in services and additional testing services in their own right. A service acquiring another service can invoke its testing service. The testing service has built-in test software that is aware of the query and testing interfaces of the other service, and assesses the service according to the specified expectation encoded in its test software. Every service can, thus, invoke its testing service automatically, to check coherence and correctness of its peers, if, for example, peers are exchanged or updated.


  • CSMR 2010 Presentation by Adam Nasr on "Adopting and Evaluating Service Oriented Architecture in Industry" (16.03.2010)
  • Testdag 2009 Presentation on "Do Service require Online Testing? - A Case Study" (04.11.2009)
  • "Exploring the fault finding capabilities of online testing in OSGi": A presentation at the OSGi Users'-Forum Meeting 2009 @ Eclipse Summit in Ludwigsburg
  • "OSGi in the Mobile World": A presentation at the Technical University in Aachen (23.10.2009)
  • Our paper on "Runtime Integration and Testing for Highly Dynamic Service Oriented ICT Solutions " has been aceppted at the TAICPART conference in Windsor.
  • A first SOA case study has been implemented (Jan 2009)
  • Michaela Greiler from the University of Klagenfurt will join the project from 1st of December 2008.


  • M. Greiler, H.-G. Gross, A. v. Deursen. Understanding Plug-In Test Suites from an Extensibility Perspective. 17th Working Conference on Reverse Engieering (WCRE 2010), Beverly, MA, October 13 -- 16, 2010.

  • M. Greiler, H.-G. Gross, A. v. Deursen. Evaluation of Online Testing for Services – A Case Study. In: 2nd International Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service Oriented Systems (PESOS), 32nd International Software Engineering Conference (ICSE 2010), Cape Town, South Africa, May 1—2, 2010.

  • K.A. Nasr, H.-G. Gross, A. v. Deursen. Adopting and Evaluating Service Oriented Architecture in Industry. In 14th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering, Madrid, Spain, March 15-18, 2010.

  • Michaela Greiler (2010). Online Testing of Service-Oriented Architectures to detect State-based Faults. In Proceedings of the PhD Symposium at the 7the International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2009), Stockholm, Sweden.

  • M. Greiler, H.-G. Gross, K.A. Nasr (2009). Runtime Integration and Testing for Highly Dynamic Service Oriented ICT Solutions - An Industry Challenges Report. In IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, USA (Eds.). TAIC-PART '09: Proceedings of the Testing: Academic and Industrial Conference on Practice And Research Techniques, pp. 51-55, Windsor, UK. IEEE.

  • H.-G. Gross, M. Lormans, J. Tretmans (Eds.) (2009). Proceedings of the 2009 ESEC/FSE workshop on Software integration and evolution @ runtime, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), New York.


  • M. Greiler, H.-G. Gross, A. van Deursen. Do Services Require Online Testing? - A Case Study. Dutch Testing Day, Eindhoven, November 4, 2009.

  • M. Greiler. Exploring the fault finding capabilities of online testing in OSGi. OSGi Users'-Forum Meeting 2009 @ Eclipse Summit, Ludwigsburg, October 27 - 29, 2009.

  • M. Greiler. OSGI in the Mobile World. RWTH Aachen, October 23, 2009.

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