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ARTOSC.SoftwareDistributionr1.3 - 16 Oct 2009 - 09:59 - MichaelaGreiler

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Online testing framework for SOA reconfiguration faults

Within the ARTOSC Project, on Automated Runtime Testability of SOA Composites, we have deveolped an online testing method for detecting SOA reconfiguration faults.

This project focuses on developing model-based built-in testing strategies for SOA that can be executed when a SOA-based system is assembled and deployed, during runtime. In particular, this project aims at devising testability artifacts, e.g., additional query and testing interfaces in services and additional testing services in their own right. A service acquiring another service can invoke its testing service. The testing service has built-in test software that is aware of the query and testing interfaces of the other service. Every service can, invoke its testing service automatically, to check coherence and correctness of its peers, if, for example, peers are exchanged or updated.

As proof-of-concept we have implemented our online testing framework in OSGi.

The source code for the Weather Application including online testing infrastrcuture and the Updatemanager can be downloaded here:

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