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AMR.WebRssr1.2 - 16 Aug 2004 - 03:27 - PeterThoeny

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SERG's AMR web The AMR web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2003-2018, Software Engeneering Research Group, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands helpdesk [] helpdesk [] SERG TWiki.AMR SERG home.AMR WebStatistics Jan 2016 7284 0 0 1984 1826 WebStatistics 1006 524 SoQueT 380 140 WebHome 98 90 FINT 78 72 WebPreferences 71 WebIndex Feb 2016 1686 0 0 387 238 CombinationResults ... (last changed by TWikiGuest) 2018-05-12T03:35Z guest 1.2821 updated major FINT FINT Tool support for aspect mining FINT is a tool for identifying code smells of crosscutting implementation of concerns. Crosscutting concerns are particularly ... (last changed by MariusMarin) 2008-09-08T20:30Z MariusMarin 1.38 updated major WebHome Aspect Mining and Refactoring An important current direction in software engineering research addresses so-called "crosscutting concerns", aspects such as error handling ... (last changed by ArieVanDeursen) 2008-03-03T20:54Z ArieVanDeursen 1.43 updated major SAIR SAIR SAIR is a Sort-based Aspect-Introducing Refactoring tool developed by Robin van der Rijst on top of SoQueT. It is an Eclipse plugin supporting (semi-)automatic ... (last changed by ArieVanDeursen) 2008-02-24T19:26Z ArieVanDeursen 1.4 updated major SoQueT SoQueT (The Sorts Query Tool) SoQueT is a tool for documenting crosscutting concerns in source code using a set of pre-defined queries that describe typical (idiomatic ... (last changed by MariusMarin) 2008-01-22T23:21Z MariusMarin 1.29 updated major PhD ABBREVIATION FOR doctor of philosophy: the highest college or university degree, or someone who has this (Cambridge dictionary) A PhD is a degree awarded to people ... (last changed by MariusMarin) 2008-01-09T20:43Z MariusMarin 1.1 updated major CombinationResults -- Main.MariusMarin 17 May 2006 Results of aspect mining experiments on JHotDraw 5.4b1 Details about the experiment : A common framework for aspect mining based on ... (last changed by MariusMarin) 2007-07-24T13:14Z MariusMarin 1.15 updated major AJHotDraw # AJHotDraw AJHotDraw is an aspect-oriented refactoring of JHotDraw, a relatively large and well-designed open source Java framework for technical and structured ... (last changed by MariusMarin) 2007-07-16T08:07Z MariusMarin 1.11 updated major FanInAnalysisResults # Fan-in Analysis Results More details about the experiment: Identifying Crosscutting Concerns Using Fan-in Analysis, ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and ... (last changed by MariusMarin) 2007-07-14T18:31Z MariusMarin 1.22 updated major AJHotDrawReleasePlan # AJHotDraw Release Plan The first major release, 1.0, addresses the concerns discussed in the paper "A Systematic Aspect-Oriented Refactoring and Testing Strategy ... (last changed by MariusMarin) 2007-05-07T16:48Z MariusMarin 1.11 updated major JHotDraw # JHotDraw JHotDraw is a Java GUI framework for technical and structured Graphics. It has been developed as a "design exercise" but is already quite powerful. Its ... (last changed by LeonMoonen) 2007-02-16T16:53Z LeonMoonen 1.3 updated major WebLeftBar SWERL INCLUDINGWEB Web AMR Web Home AMRIntra.WebHome Index Search Changes INCLUDE{Main.WebSections} (last changed by ArieVanDeursen) 2006-12-03T19:25Z ArieVanDeursen 1.4 updated major NewIn04 What's new in v.0.4 This version of the tool and the following ones have a new implementation of the metric engine. The new engine is much faster, but it also shows ... (last changed by MariusMarin) 2006-06-22T09:34Z MariusMarin 1.1 updated major InstallFINT To install FINT: Remove previous installations of FINT to avoid conflicts. (To remove a previous installation, delete the archive file of the distribution from the ... (last changed by MariusMarin) 2006-06-10T18:41Z MariusMarin 1.6 updated major WebPreferences AMR Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the AMR web. These preferences overwrite the site-level preferences in TWIKIWEB . WIKIPREFSTOPIC ... (last changed by LeonMoonen) 2006-06-06T13:02Z LeonMoonen 1.10 updated major GoF Main.MariusMarin 29 Nov 2005 Design patterns: elements of reusable object-oriented software, Authors: Erich Gamma Richard Helm Ralph Johnson John Vlissides (last changed by MariusMarin) 2005-11-29T09:36Z MariusMarin 1.1 updated major

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