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AMR.FINTKnownIssuesr1.2 - 09 Sep 2005 - 20:54 - MariusMarin

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FINT - Known issues (draft) (v0.3)

  • A common problem is an Eclipse "out of memory" exception - this can be fixed by allocating more memory to Eclipse (run Eclipse with more memory: e.g., eclipse -vmargs -Xmx512M)
  • The plug-in was written for Eclipse 3.0(.2) but it has also been tested with Eclipse 3.1. In both cases, the Linux version of Eclipse seems to be more stable.
  • Most of the experiments were done under Linux with 512M of memory allocated to Eclipse. The Linux version of Eclipse worked fine with 256M of memory, as well. However, under Windows, some resource-consuming operations (restore concerns from file, etc.) for relatively large projects caused a shut down of Eclipse. To avoid such problems, you can display/save/etc. the results only for packages and not for the whole project.

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