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AMR.AJHotDrawReleasePlanr1.11 - 07 May 2007 - 16:48 - MariusMarin

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AJHotDraw Release Plan

The first major release, 1.0, addresses the concerns discussed in the paper "A Systematic Aspect-Oriented Refactoring and Testing Strategy, and its Application to Jhotdraw". These concerns include persistence, contract enforcement for commands, and undo support. For each concern, a test suite has been developed and is included. In the initial release, the concerns are implemented in an aspect-oriented manner for a representative subset of all commands and figures. The aspect solution seamlessly cooperates with the commands and figures still implemented in the non-aspect-oriented manner.

The road to 1.0 mostly consists of migrating our current approach to JHotDraw 6.0, cleaning up and documenting our experimental implementation to make it comprehensible for others, and setting up a mature release infrastructure.

Minor releases leading to 1.0 include:

  • AJHotDraw 0.1, Released January 15, 2005.
    Full JHotDraw 6.0 sources included; systematic build, test and release process implemented in ant.

  • TestJHotDraw and AJHotDraw 0.3, April 15, 2005
    TestJHotDraw includes a test suite for selected commands - execution and undo operations.
    AJHotDraw includes the aspect-oriented refactoring of a contract enforcement concern for commands, and the aspect-oriented refactoring of an instance of the Observer pattern.
    Note: This release replaces several smaller releases originally planned and adds the Observer refactoring.
    Note: The release includes less documentation than availabale under sourceforge CVS. This will be remedied soon.

  • AJHotDraw 0.4, May 1, 2007
    This version includes the refactoring of crosscutting concerns in JHotDraw's Command and Undo support. The package structure has also been reorganized. More details about changes in this release are available in the documentation downloadable with AJHotDraw distribution. A concern model including the concerns refactored is available on the SoQueT web-site - this model needs SoQueT 0.2 and JHotDraw 60b1 (Eclipse project name: jhotdraw60b1).

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